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The Fouta towel + blanket, made for all adventures


Home Decor

Baby Care






How to wear the Fouta
at the beach and hamam sauna spa

the halter dress


Start with towel around back.


Grab two top corners and cross them in front around your neck.


Tie two corners together behind your neck.

Wear the fouta on your hips


Put the Fouta around the hips, tucking the front end of the towel in slightly at the top.


Roll the top of the towel down from the belly button.


If desired, in some places perfect the fit.

Turn the fouta into a bag

Tie all four corners of your towel together to make the perfect no-fuss beach bag! Fill it with snacks and a good book and you’re all set for the perfect beach day.

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The back-less halter dress


Grab the two corners on the short end of the towel (the side with fringes).


Holding the towel in front of you, wrap the two corners behind your neck and knot together.


Grab two corners on the bottom (the other side with fringes) and fold up to your waist. Tie the two corners behind your back.

The strapless dress


Start with towel behind your back.


Grab two corners on the top, pull them forward and cross over your chest.


Twist each end tightly and then tuck them in the top of the towel.

Care instructions – this way your fouta will last for many years

Give it a soak!

Prior to use your towel for the first time, we highly recommend soaking it in cold water over night, and then hanging it to dry. This allows the cotton fibres to bloom and will condition your towel to reach its maximum absorbency.

How to fix fringes

Should the fringes come undone after several washes, simply split the untied fringes, twist each one separately, put them together and tie them with a simple overhand knot.

Wash at max. 40 degrees

After the initial soak, machine wash no more than 40°C. Ideally 30 °C will suffice.

Hang to dry

We recommend hanging your towel to dry; it is better for the towel and for the environment. Then, as soon as your towel come out of washing machine, stretch it gently side ways before hanging. This way you will hardly need to iron your towel. If tumble drying is preferred, remember to use low heat.

No fabric softener, no bleaching

Fabric conditioner may add unwanted coating on the cotton fibres which may result in reduced absorbency. Bleaching may damage cotton fibres, so no bleach.

How to fix pulled loop on hammam towels?

If one of the threads on your towel or throw been pulled by broken nail or any other sharp object or simply by a hyper-active pet, there is absolutely nothing to worry. It happens all the time, and here is what you need to do.

1- Locate the pulled thread

2– Identify whether it is the weft or warp (x or y axis), remember that weft is the thread going length-wise and warp is the one going width-wise. Please see the visual below for reference..

3- Hold on the towel from each end of the pulled loop and gently stretch few times. This should normally fix over 80 % of the pulled loop, pulled thread issues.

4– There may be a time where pulled loop entangled with neighbouring threads and you do not have the enough time to analyse and figure out what went wrong. In that case, just apply the method in 3 above, this will minimise the level of pulled thread, and cut the remaining loop at closer to surface of the towel.

And Voila! Good as new!