The Premium Cork Yoga Mat

  • 200 cm long
  • most sustainable yoga mat, made in Portugal
  • extrem high cork content
  • super soft

XXL Size, 200 cm long + 66 cm wide

Cork harvested in Portugal,
manufactured in Europe

The most sustainable
Yoga Mat

  • made in Europe
  • Cork harvested in Portugal
  • Short shipment routes to you
  • 100% natural non toxic materials
  • Plus: We pay our workers fair wages


Optimal for intensive yoga exercises, thanks to very soft cork: This is gentle on hands, joints and spine.

Care instructions

The yoga mat must be rolled up with the top side facing outwards so that it lies flat on the floor the next time it is unrolled. Otherwise, due to the very high cork content and low weight, it will not lie flat at the corners.

Further care instructions

we need

  • Warm water
  • A soft brush
  • Soap or neutral detergent


The cleaning process is easy and quick. First, spread some neutral detergent moistened with warm water over the product. Once this is done, gently brush the product, taking care not to damage it.

When finished, wash with cold water so that the dirt and all the soap are removed and check the result. If necessary, repeat the entire procedure. Spread soap, brush and hot water, rinse with cold water.

There, now just pass a soft towel and dry the linings and other parts made of other materials in the shade. Although the tip is simple, the result can be excellent, leaving the cork as new.


If the dirt didn’t come out with the basic cleaning, you can follow a few simple tricks. First, you can try to erase scratches and stains with the help of a white school rubber. It works in most cases and all you need to do is rub the rubber in the affected area.

Alternatively, you can also remove the most difficult stains with cleanser towels and wet wipes for cleaning. Do these maintenance tasks whenever you need them and repeat the steps if necessary.


Is it possible to wet the cork during cleaning? Cork is a material of vegetable origin, made with the bark of the cork oak, it is light and has a great insulating capacity. So, unlike leather or suede, some of its qualities are waterproof and resistant to water.

Cork can have many uses such as in lining walls for acoustic insulation and thermal insulation, furniture, bottle stoppers, buoys, in the production of bags, suitcases, belts, wallets, shoes and much more.

As we can see, cleaning cork products is simple and quick, using domestic and affordable products, we can leave the material as new easily.